Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guest Post - Pinkapotamus

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Now for a fabulous guest post from Amie at Pinkapotamus!

Hi Scrappy Gifts fans... Pinkapotamus here!  I am sooo excited to be swapping with Maryanne today... she is just amazing!  I am loving all of her scrappy ideas especially... her Scrappy Magnetic Canvas memo board.

Speaking of Memo Boards here is a tutorial on how to make a Scrappy Butterfly French Memo Board!  Its sooo shabby chic!  Hope you like it!

First I started with the memo board. It is a plain one with an unfinished wood frame. 

I taped the board so as not to get paint on the fabric and then painted the border pink.

Then I used a cereal box to make myself a template of butterflies in different sizes.  I cut them out of heavy doublesided scrapbook paper. 

I picked out the letters in my case.. Kailey Madison, and then folded each of the butterflies so that they would look like they were in flight.  I glued only the middle of the butterflies to the board.

I painted the letters to match the butterflies and glued them onto the board.

If you are loving shabby chic like I am right now, here are a few more shabby chic ideas for a little girls room!
The first is made with scrapbook paper and ribbon on canvas.

The second is made with a wood fence, scrapbook paper and ribbon on canvas also.

And who can resist a little girls name plaque?

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I look forward to seeing you soon!

SO cute!!! I love butterflies especially how she made them look like they were in flight. I love her coordinating canvases too. Check out her site; she also has a really cute Snowman Countdown.

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