Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Mondal DEALS

CLOSES Cyber Monday at 11:59PM MST.
FREE SHIPPING on most items.

Shirts, Digital Party Printables, Mini Ruffle Totes, doTERRA Essential Oils, SimplyFun Games

for Sale 
Comment below each picture on Facebook with your e-mail and the word: "SOLD" Invoices need to be paid within 48 hours.

These are just examples of the items you'll be getting. Colors of Ensembles will be similar to those pictured depending on availability of colors. You choose size.

Items will ship 2 weeks after payment is made as everything is made by me. Rush Shipping Charges $10, $5 per additional item for $25 max.

Mini Ruffled Totes
SALE: $4 each (normally $10 shipped) + $3 shipping for 1 tote or 100.

1 Color Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirts 
SALE: $8 plus $2.50 shipping
Digital Party Printable Package - Invite and 3 printables --- $10 (over 60% off!)
Digital Invite - $5 (50% off)

Essential Oils - 15% off

SimplyFun Games - select games 30% off!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween - Halloween Banners

Halloween Banners Ideas made from my Silhouette machine using commercial designs from the Silhouette store

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Prices 2013-2014


Scrappy Banners
Regular - starting at $10
Detailed - starting at $15

Scrappy Boxes
Regular - $20
Laminated - $25-$35

Scrappy Canvas
Regular - $15
Magnetic - $21

Scrappy Cards and Tags
Cards - $3 each, 10 for $25
Tags - $2 each, 10 for $15

Scrappy Notebooks
Mini (3x5) - $8
Regular (6x9) - $12-$15

Scrappy Layouts
1 Pg unembellished-$5
1 Pg embellished - $10

2 Pg unembellished-$9
2 Pg embellished - $15

Scrappy Party Printables
Digital Invite - $10
Digital Printables - $8 each
Digital Party Package - $30

I still need to work on updating the rest of my site, so refer to this for pricing.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Prices Coming

Starting September 1st, my prices on the website will increase to match my Facebook Prices. My prices have increased mostly due to shipping increases. Since a lot of my products are made of paper, I package them carefully so they don't get bent up in the mail so usually I can't send first class because the package isn't bendable. Shipping is already included in my prices posted.

If you'd like to order with the Website Pricing, please just mention that when e-mailing your order. Get a head start on gifts for the Holidays!

Sorry for any confusion. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Scrapbook Room - another Sneak Peek

Here's some other sneak peeks to my scrapbook room. It's coming along and I'm loving it! Need to finish the curtains this week, figure out what to put in some of the frames, and work on more organizing.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Work in Progress

My work in progress of my scrapbook room. Got that huge L-shaped table as a trade about 4 months ago. One day I'd like to paint it lime, turquoise or white.
It's been the catch all room for at least 6 months especially when our washer and dryer broke for 2 months so it was hard catching up on all the chores.
Those Priority Mail boxes are gone now - I donated a bunch of scrapbook supplies to others who didn't have money to craft.

I'd love to see your craft rooms for more inspiration - leave a link!

Here's what my room looked like before, but we've had to do a lot more rearranging as our family grows - trying to fit boy and girl clothes and toys in our house =)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dragons and Knights Magnetic Scrappy Canvas

Here is a magnetic scrappy canvas I made for review for a little boy who likes real dragons. Since I couldn't find a lot of realistic looking dragons, we did a knights and dragons theme.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Detailed Scrappy Banners - Easter Bunny

Happy Easter! 

I made these cute bunny banners using my Silhouette with a commercial use downloads and added a basket/egg shape on top.

Here are some smaller sized bunnies with the same concept.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Owl Mini Scrappy Notebooks

These are great little favors. Make one to add to an Easter Basket instead of all the candy!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Robot Mini Scrappy Notebooks

These make great birthday party favors or an extra little gift to show someone they're special.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scrappy Banners

New this year are paper banners. Here are examples I've made so far. I'm currently on working on the other fun shaped ones.

Basic Banners
6 pieces or less: $7 shipped
7-12 pieces: $12 shipped
13-24 pieces: $20 shipped

Detailed Banners
3-12 pieces: $15 shipped
12-18 pieces: $20 shipped

These are all basic banners below:


Monday, January 28, 2013

Origin of Paper Flowers - Guest Post

Paper flowers can be anything from a beautiful hobby to a way of active meditation depending on how you want to see them. Traditionally believed to be either of Egyptian or Chinese origin they have been around ever since different types of paper existed. For the most part they say paper flowers were invented as an art two-thousand years ago! As a part of a religious offering tradition where they were placed in water. In time however the focus shifted from tradition and more toward a way of active meditation. They were eventually recognized as one of the four arts a true Highborn Chinese man must master. The way the classic Chinese paper flowers were made was to emphasize the victory of order, light and good over the forces of chaos, darkness and evil. With the Emperor literally believed to be the representation of heavenly authority on Earth this was understandably the focus of their flower art. The colors involved and the positions of the composition conveyed a specific message. The Chinese created a number of other incredible paper crafts such as lanterns which are incredibly complex and difficult. Later on in Victorian times European women began making flowers out of paper when the regular flowers were out of season. But what we'll cover here is the more popular Japanese paper crafts making of origami and kirigami. Kirigami is commonly mistaken for origami by those who are unfamiliar with the entirety of the concept, however the difference lies mostly in a single fact – cutting.

Kirigami comes from (kiri) which means “cut” and (gami) which means paper as the word is written in hiragana. Sometimes the Japanese even use the term kirie instead to signify the cutting involved in the process.

As an art form origami originate in 17th century Japan and its origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery since there have been many forms of paper craft around the world. It would be logical to assume that the roots of the art come from China because of the long tradition of paper flower folding there, however there is very little evidence to prove that the roots of origami lie in China because of the fact that very few of the ancient origami have been preserved. The very nature of origami is one of fragility and beauty that hardly lasts centuries.

One of the most beautiful moments about making origami is the fact that despite having a few basic folds when combined they can become so much more. There are a number of relatively simple ways of making origami or kirigami varieties of flowers without too much effort either by regular folding or cutting or through wet folding techniques. Some true masters of the art live in Japan and other countries with people like Akira Yoshisawa, Makoto Yamaguchi, and Toshikazu Kawasaki who was famous for his Kawasaki rose. There are many westerners whose work also helped popularize the art such as the late Robert Harbin and Eric Joisel in the UK and France and thanks to these pioneers and the masters in Japan today origami flowers are something even you can make with ease as there are many tutorials and videos around the web explaining everything in detail.

The article has been submitted by: 


Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Thoughts for other Small Businesses

Check out my mini interview over at Launch, Grow, Joy about being an "entrepreneur." =)

Let me know what new things you'd like to see from Scrappy Gifts this year. New products this year are my banners, paper props, and paper flower clips.

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