Sunday, April 15, 2012

Classes and Kits

Receive Instructions to make my products through a PDF file that you can pass out to those in your class only. I'll answer any questions you or members of your class might have up until the class is over.

  • Scrappy Notebook $20
  • Magnetic Scrappy Canvas $30
  • Scrapbook Box (2 Types) $50
Class Kits (cost per 10 people includes shipping)

  • One page Layout -  $100
  • Two page Layouts - $160 
  • 20 Page Scrapbook: includes scrapbook, page protectors, papers & embellishments to make pages (2 Page Layouts of Each Theme: Winter theme, Love theme, 2 Family theme, Spring theme, Summer theme,  2 Birthday Theme, Fall theme,  Generic (for 1st & Last Pages)) - $1600
  • Scrappy Notebook with name plate - $100
  • Magnetic Scrappy Canvas - $150

LOCAL CLASSES (Southeastern Idaho area)
Choose a class type and items to make to get your total cost.
Then e-mail me possible times and dates for when you want the class/lesson.

Class types
At your home -Just need assistance class-have all the materials to make items and just need instruction: $15 an hour

One-on-one time at my home: $20 or $10 if you bring own 12 in. paper cutter, glue stick, glue dots and adhesives
Small group (5 or less) at my home: $10 or free if you each bring own 12 in. paper cutter, glue stick, glue dots and adhesives

Small group (10 or less) in Sugar City/Rexburg:
Large group (10-15) in Sugar City/Rexburg: $75

Small group (10 or less) outside of Sugar City/Rexburg: $50 plus cost of gas
Large group (10-15) outside Sugar City/Rexburg: $100 plus cost of gas

**Group classes outside my home will cost extra if more than 15 people: $2 a person to use my paper cutters, scissors, glue sticks, glue dots and adhesives

COST of items to Make
  • Scrappy Cards (stamped cards on plain paper with ribbon)$1.50 each
  • Scrappy Cards (embellished, patterned paper, etc. ) $2 each
  • Purse Cards $2 each
  • One page Layouts $5.00 each
  • Two page Layouts $7 each
  • Paper Bag Books $6.00
  • Scrappy Notebook $5 without name plate, $7 with name plate
  • Brag Books $8
  • Scrapbook Box $12
  • Picture Clothespins $5
  • Scrappy Canvas $8 for 8x8 or 8x10 canvas
  • Scrappy Clocks $25, extra clock faces $5

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