Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Pumpkins with Mod Podge

Here are some fun pumpkins I made for October's 2nd Saturday class using Martha Stewart pumpkins face decals. They are similar to doing fake tattoos. 

I took a wooden shaped pumpkin - just thin MDF type and decoupaged pieces of various fall papers on to it. I did that to both sides. These would be great projects for the kids to do as well. You can get them smaller ones (around 5x7) if you don't think they'd be patient enough to do the whole thing.

I like the colors of this one better. I think I might add a pictures and Halloween saying to the back of this one.

On this one, I used the Martha Stewart pumpkin face decals  since it looked more pumpkin colors.

Way cuter with a face on it =)

Then I also attempted a small 3D pumpkin because years ago one of my friends did this technique on a large pumpkin. I don't remember it being so hard though maybe because hers was bigger not as many bumps?
This small pumpkin took me an hour to decoupage since it was so bumpy. I put mod podge down, put a strip of paper down, more mod podge and had to hold it in place to conform to the curves and bumps of the pumpkin. My hands were a big mess after. It's really cute though huh!

Since it's so small though, people might mistake it for an apple. That works too right? =D

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