Monday, April 16, 2012

New Prices for 2012 and Updates

Good-bye Scrappy Saturdays - With the world of Pinterest, it seems like linky parties aren't as popular so please follow me on Pinterest.
With me teaching 2nd Saturday classes at my local craft store and then possibly teaching summer classes, along with everything else I have going on: teaching preschool, church calling, keeping up with sick kids and housework, I will rarely be posting on here for a while. I still haven't even been able to play with my Silhouette machine much yet. After this summer, I hope to just have more inspiration for you and showcasing my ideas and sharing my trials with the Silhouette. I want this site to be fun for me again and to be a teaching/helping tool for others - not a competition to get people to come on to my site all the time. Hopefully you'll come see me from time to time and comment on my page. Thanks!

I will still  be taking orders since I don't get many. Below are the links to my products and new pricing. I no longer will have the scrappy clocks for sale because my local craft store doesn't sell the clocks that I like to use anymore.
Click on the picture to see the various products I have. All items can be customized to fit your needs. To place an order, see information here.

New Prices for 2012

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Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

So sorry to hear linky parties are not so popular. That is how I get around too. I will certainly keep checking in with you as I do regularly anyway. God Bless, Lisa

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