Friday, August 24, 2012

Cards for Thank You's

I'm not much of a card maker probably because they're smaller than a layout so it's harder for me to work that small. Well now Silhouette has designs that you can buy for commercial use! Now if people order cards from me, I can just use some of those and make the cardmaking process way faster and probably cuter than what I could come up with on my own.

For a recent trade, I made a bunch of cards using my Silhouette. She requested black, red, and white to give as thank you's for ordering from her business.

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Teresa Kline said...

these are awesome, I just ordered the Cameo tonight, I cannot wait to get it....hope you have a wonderful week!

enjoy *~*

Lisa West said...

These are beautiful. Trading sounds like fun! I came over to let you know I posted the picture boards you inspired. We used a cheaper version being that it was for the kids craft fair project. I love how the beach ones came out but we HAD to make some of those spiderman boards. Check them out when you can!! I linked you from the post. Great to see you are doing well! Blessings, Lisa

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