Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Favorites and First Blog Award

I received my first blog award for Scrappy Gifts from Shannon at One Crafty Mommy! Thanks so much Shannon! By the way, you should go to her site to vote for your favorite link-up party idea on her right sidebar.

To receive this award, you need to tell 7 things about yourself.....hmmm....
  1. I hate sleeping with socks on and sometimes I leave my feet out of the covers on purpose.
  2. I really really love comments - they make my day plus they put a big smile on my face!
  3. I really need/want a Cricut - thinking about this a lot lately - maybe we'll use some of the tax return on one.
  4. I love playing games, participating in contests and giveaways, and having/going to parties.
  5. I love helping people and sharing with others what I know
  6. I was born in the Philippines and came to the U.S. when I was 3 - I'm still not a U.S. citizen.
  7. My husband received his college diploma in the mail and is looking for a job in the Illustration field - I'd love you forever if you know any jobs pertaining to Illustration: creating characters for video games, cartoons, movies or designing book covers, etc.

Now to pass it on to three other amazing, creative blogs! Check them out!
  1. The Girl Creative
  2. enjoy every moment
  3. Keeping it Simple

Now for my Friday Favorites from those who participated in my first ever Scrappy Saturdays. Link up tomorrow for the 2nd Scrappy Saturdays.

Here are the favorites! Thank you girls so much for linking up!

love the little details and makes me almost want to play in the snow

how awesome are those costumes! Love the ribbon details and the wording inside the letters

4 scrappy shares:

Shannon@One Crafty Mommy said...

Yay! I'm glad you like my page. I love the scrappy Saturdays and it really pushes me to actually get my daughter's scrapbook done!

Sarah said...

Thanks Maryanne!!

I'm sad I missed yor first Scappy Saturday. I better get working on something for tomorrow! :)

Kaysi said...

Thanks for the blog award! I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Award!!
I learned some neat stuff about you - and i love that LOL
Once we get moved and settled I SWEAR i am actually going to get my daughters' scrapbook done (year #1 lol) ugh. if I like it enough I will share it with you, but i know it wont be as fancy as your pages.
Annie @ Baby Girl Approved . com
(previously smile box reviews)

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