Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fans and Followers Incentive!

On Wednesday, I will post a giveaway just for my Birthday. There will be THREE winners, if I reach one of my following goals described below I will draw 2 additional winners for a total of FIVE winners! So I'll let you know what the giveaways are on Wednesday. If I reach my goal, one of the prizes will be a scrapbook! Exceed my expectations with 200 fans/followers, I'll giveaway 2 scrapbooks!

Have 100 Facebook Fans by my birthday, October 21st! (NOW ENDS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24TH)
Have 100 Followers by my birthday, October 21st! (NOW ENDS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24TH)

To help you reach my goals. For every person you get to become a follower or fan of my blog, you will receive a $1 credit to Scrappy Gifts! So spread the word any way you can: twitter, facebook, grab my button, post a blog, etc. You must have your friends leave a comment on this post with your name/the name of the person who referred them or they can leave a comment on the Facebook Page. Then your friends can join in on this too! ENDS OCTOBER 21st midnight MST!

Want to let me know your birthday, receive a coupon on your special day. Leave a comment over here.

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