Friday, March 13, 2009

Scrappy Canvas Giveaway

I'm giving away a Scrappy Canvas piece.

Follow my blog for an entry.

Leave a comment about how I could make this blog better for another entry.

Giveaway ends May 2nd!


7 scrappy shares:

Jessica said...

Your scrappy canvases are adorable! I am a follower!


Jessica said...

I think your blog needs to be more about all of the great products and services you offer. I'm not an expert but, I think you should get rid of your blog roll and organize your products and services better.

If you're really serious you could pay someone to re-design your blog. Or you can try entering giveaways to win a blog makeover, I found a giveaway at

You're so talented, keep up the good work! And thanks again!


Angela Brown said...

Visually there is too much going on all across the page it's hard to focus. I like the colors but I'd organize better, maybe break it into sections using lines or boxes- anything to separate and create space (don't underestimate the power of "white space"- basically empty space- it can make the whole page look way more professional.

Justin, Kelli, Estin & Eli said...

Very Creative! I just signed up to follow your blog... -Kelli

Justin, Kelli, Estin & Eli said...

I found your blog a little hard to follow. The colors were easy to read against the black background, but the overall layout was a little confusing. I would def. add more pics. Some of the items you described were hard to visualize without a lot of pics. Show off your GREAT work!!! -Kelli

The Webber's said...

You're so talented - show it off! More pictures with less (or smaller) side stuff on your page. FYI - I think you canvases are wonderful, you're much more creative than me! Now if I win we have a problem of how I would get it...guess you need to come visit us in CO! We're doing a camping trip to Moab UT next weekend - want to join us?

Nichole Taylor said...

you do great work maybe display more of your work so people can see how talented you are. Your page sometimes seems confusing its hard for me to find at times what you are talking about to take a look at. but keep up the great work.

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