Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Don't have ANY time to scrapbook, then this is perfect for you. Various sized scrapbooks already made for you, all you have to do is cut your pictures to size. Easy as 1,2,3.

If you would like for me to use your pictures and do everything for you, just add $5 to the price below if you already have your pictures printed for me. You will have to print and bring the pictures you want to use to my home or mail them to me.

Add $18 if I have to print them and add them to the layouts. You will have to upload them on to my Shutterfly site.

20 Pages (unless otherwise noted) that come with no embellishments (just paper) or fully embellished (ribbon, brads, eyelets, quotes, etc.)

12x12 Scrapbooks

  • No embellishments $35
  • Fully embellished $45

8x8 Scrapbooks
  • No embellishments $30
  • Fully embellished $35

6x6 Scrapbooks
  • No embellishments $12
  • Fully embellished $18

12x12 Wedding Scrapbooks starting at

  • No embellishments $50
  • Fully embellished $75

Wedding 8x8 Guest Book Scrapbook $40

Baby Calendar 8x8 Scrapbooks
calendar and growth pages (newborn to one year, 26 pages)

  • no embellishments: $35
  • Fully Embellished: $40
Both with calendar and growth pages with 2 page regular layouts in between (52 pages)
  • no embellishments: $45
  • fully embellished: $50

*First Year of Marriage Scrapbook (26 pages)
Just calendar and question pages (from marriage date to 1st anniversary)
*No embellishments $35
*Fully embellished $40

Both calendar/question pages with 2 page regular layout in between to hold favorite pics from the month (52 pages)
*No embellishments $45
*Fully embellished $50

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